Thursday, November 30, 2006


The whole year has gone by and we're about to enter the last month of the year. December. This is , for some, either a great time or sad time of the year. Where we are and what we have done are things that we don't really reflect upon unless we're in a different state of mind other than a partying mood.

Guys that are here in Singapore will normally go to the bars to have a night out and revel in the night's festivities and the single ones may even focus on being laid that night because all the partying girls will be in full force during this time of the year. Some of the foreign girls from Asia may not even have a clue as to what all the fuss is about, especially the new ones that came to the country for the first time, but they quickly get into the swing of things because of the smell of money in the air. Drinks seem to never stop coming and everyone is aiming to unwrap something by the end of the night.

Lots of the expats that have to stay in the country, due to work, do have that small extra cash in their pockets so they sort of become Santa Clause to a lot of the girls. This Santa though is only interested in the ones that are naughty and not nice because the gifts can be bigger and better. Sitting on his lap is optional but recommended. Before leaving the bars you see 'unwrapping' already going on in terms of lingerie and such coming off the girls. Kissing, hugging and grouping going on in all dark areas of the bar. Some drunk already to the point that they don't even bother if anybody is watching. Some of the girls that aren't with anyone tend to be more pissed than the ones that are and sometimes don't realize that half their clothing is falling off their bodies. Boobs, tits, low cleavage and even panties can be seen so clearly. Most not bothered unless they see a cop.

I guess that most people during this time of year want to find someone, somebody and sometimes anybody will do because the season of Christmas just makes people feel lonely sometimes when they are so far from love ones. The feeling of emptiness and despair when you're in a foreign country gets to the best of us. Sometimes it may hit us only on boxing day but we do feel it. Why? We see images on TV, when we turn on the news especially CNN and the BCC, of those that are suffering and starving in the world. Lot's of them don't know what time of day or even the year it is let alone that it is Christmas. The time of peace and goodwill for all mankind. Cheer up it's not your fault but think of what you can do to make a difference for someone right now as you read this and it doesn't need to be the yuletide season. Need to update everyone more about this festive time, but later. I got to plan for some stuff too.

Bar advice. Don't think too much about what goes on else where and forget the family.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Work and play

We all try to work hard but we do need to play hard too. Being in the bar business takes a toll on me physically so sometimes I try to find some niche markets online that can make me cash without working hard to get it.

One that I am on now is at OBM. Work and play are like the same side of a coin but they push and pull at the same time. Guys that I know, be it local or expat, are searching for the same thing. When they're at the bar all is forgotten at the first whiff of a girls perfume. It triggers the animal instinct in them. Doesn't matter if their married or not. Leave a male with some booze in his hand and a few others chatting together and the subject will quickly turn from sports to bird watching.

In Singapore, if you go down to the famous or should I say the infamous Orchard Towers, you will find a great number of 'working women' there that will party with you then part your money from you. All is legal and some not. It's a good laugh as well when you see the 'lady boys' that come from Thailand and even the local ones trying to out do each other for a customer. The whole building is made up of several shopping floors that are filled with about twenty or so bars, pubs, clubs and discos. The nickname of the place, over the years, is the four floors of whores. With new clubs open now it has become five floors.

Most of the girls are from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and you do get some from Mongolia and recently China and Russia. It's like a mini UN (United Nations) there because all the guys, including the locals, are from all over the world as well. Anywhere from the UK to Europe, US, Australia New Zealand and the Africa's.

Any one that wants to find someone from the Asian region to be friends with and not be a prostitute should go to where there's a lot of nice people. Anyway if you do go to the Towers. My suggestion is to bargain. Aside from the staff that work there, everything is on sale. Hopefully you got a hotel room and not let them bring you to theirs. Always be prepared and never go alone. Well if you're horny and can handle yourself then I have to say Singapore is fairly safe. Party on then.

Bar-advice. Last words of wisdom, get condoms and lots of it. These girls really know how to party.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dating another race

When one is thinking of interracial dating in today’s society many thoughts and ideas come into play. Interracial dating may seem like an outdated notion to those who live in more diverse areas, but those who live in the suburbs and rural areas of the world are aware that some stigma is still attached to those who pursue interracial relationships actively.

If you encounter pure and simple racism or just sidelong glances from fellow diners in a restaurant, you're not alone. The lives of interracial daters today continue to be somewhat complicated by the perceptions and misconceptions of society as a whole. Of course, interracial dating isn’t all about getting through the nasty looks. In fact, that’s such a minor element that many people who support interracial dating rarely consider it even a nuisance. As it stands today, interracial dating is becoming a solid aspect of our life all over the world.

Once considered a fad by those who saw it as a means to rebel against parents and feel unique in society, many people are finding it's simply a way to find more chances for true love. Beyond that, interracial dating affords us the special opportunity to become a part of each others cultures, to learn about those who are different from ourselves, and to share in the ceremonies, beliefs and cultures that make up our country and world.

Bar advice.In spite of its continued and increasing popularity though, those who are interested in interracial dating still have problems with the sheer technical aspects of their pursuits. Where's the best place to find men and women who feel the same way? How do you know they feel the same way? Is it safe? Can I pursue an interracial romance. There's the website

That's the way things are sometimes.

What can we say? People sometimes want to be cool and suave. Guys try to attract that someone special so they try all the tactics they can. Sometimes they work and sometimes we fall flat on our faces.

The magic either works for us when we want to get to know that special girl but if we get the dreaded rejection then the only magic you want to do is a great big disappearing act. One of my customers that came to the bar regularly was a guy from Australia. His name was Dave. He was an expat that had never been out of the country before. In the beginning he look like a lost sheep from the flock but after a couple of years he turned in the wolf in sheep clothing. Here's a little story about this guy in the early stages when he got to Singapore.

He seemed shy and timid in some ways. Normally after work he would come into the place to unwind and get a cold beer. He always came straight up to the bar area because he didn't know to many people and he could talk to me. The unofficial psychiatrist always at hand even if people were having a good day or bad. One day he came in and there were two great looking girls seated at the end of the bar. They were to themselves and we could hear them laughing and giggling. I think it was because I already served them three long island teas each. Somehow or rather Dave decided that he was going to approach them so he told me to get them two more cocktails and fill up another Tiger beer for him. He walks over and starts to chat them up after I sent the drinks over. I was busy serving others then I had a break so I went over to see how things were going with those three.

Dave's job, big money, was doing computer internet marketing and such, so, when I went to talk to them it seemed a bit silent. I knew this guy was loosing it because he just didn't know what the heck to say. He was trying to go on about the IT stuff but the girls didn't have a clue what he was saying. I could see it in their faces. The girls were pissed so maybe that's why they stayed that long. I tried to help him out by throwing in some questions to the girls. A couple of jokes and such but boy this guy Dave was just dying with them. Even when he made a joke it turned out to be like some long winded corporate tax statement being read and when the punch line came the girls didn't get. For that matter neither did I. He was in a situation like a plane going down in flames, one parachute but people were happy to die then hear anything more from this guy.

Towards the end and more drinks were being consumed the one thing happened that I knew was going to happen eventually. Dave had his fill of beer and it was time to go to the toilet for a piss. The moment he was away from the bar counter the girls were signalling for me to come over to them. First thing they said, both at the same time, was to get the bill. I laughed and asked them why they were in such a hurry. Smiling they shook their heads and said that if I of all people didn't know then there was something wrong with me too. I winked at them and just smiled. They knew I knew. Just as they were about to go off Dave got back. I heard one of them calling the lords name.

Dave asked what was happening and the girls said that they had to go home. This was a Saturday night mind you so something else was going on but Dave still tried to pick them up. I guess he had a chat with himself in the loo or something and found some new courage. After a few attempts to get them to go with him to some other place and even inviting them back to his apartment, one of the girls just told him to stop. We're not going anywhere with you ,she said. We're lesbians that were out for a few drinks and we're now going to enjoy each other's company and we don't need a guy. So they walked off after saying a quick goodbye to me.

Dave standing dumbfounded there just stopped talking till I got back to him. He had that look on his face with thoughts racing in his head saying, I never suspected, to himself and then later to me. I felt a little sorry for him but the reason he didn't get it was because they weren't lesbians and it was really the girls who gave him a way out instead of having to be rude and tell him off because they just weren't interested in him or more to the point he wasn't interesting to them. Two weeks later the girls did come back but that day Dave wasn't there so we had a really nice time chatting away and telling jokes and getting pissed with way too much booze.

Bar advice. I'll leave it to your imagination as to how I found out that they weren't lesbians.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Unofficial Psychologist or Psychiatrist

I've been working in the bar line for so long now and I've seen and met so many people with all sorts of problems and some that died because of it.

I just started this blog so that it may help others out there. Being in this line you get people telling you all kinds of stuff. Also doing all kinds of stuff. Being in Singapore, yes Singapore, I get to meet so many different people from many countries and of course the locals as well. Many are nice, good, decent but there's a bunch of dead beats and assholes as well. Not forgetting a couple of bitches too.

Currently you can find here writing. I have worked in all sorts of places as well. From hotels to lounges, discos, karaokes, pubs, bars, poolsides, nightclubs and even private party locations. Believe me when I say I've seen, heard and done some wacky things. At the end of the day we are the unofficial psychologist or psychiatrist that dish out all this free advice and serve them their medicating booze at the same time. I decided to write this blog so the stuff that I write about may just help you or give you something to laugh at. It may depress you sometimes but hey it's better to know there's people out there that are in worse shape then you so that in itself should make you smile a little.

May not be able to blog everyday but will do my best. I'll be talking about past stuff and current crap as well. Catch up for more soon....