Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Somehow I decided to just focus about this girl Brenda at the moment. Instead of discussing other things, situations and such but I will bring that up though because they reflect what is happening to me currently as well.

Whatever happens between us is somewhere between personal, private but also weird. Why? Well she in one state or another at different times of the day and I don't even know where I fit in . It's like I fit in only to when her agenda seems to want it. I know that I've been around the block with a truck load of girls before but there's nothing like the chase of a beautiful and gorgeous women. This is the hunt that I have been longing for after some time now.

She makes me feel like a teen at times that is looking for his first kiss. I like it. Last night I met here with two of her cousins and it was fine. they did not drink much as it was a Sunday but I just wanted to be seen by some of her relatives. They both were girls so that made it a little funny trying to squeeze conversations in especially since they were talking more about their family issues. Whatever.

All I know is that after the cousins left we had a reasonably good time talking . Got to kiss her on the shoulders, which is Divine, and sent her home in the cab. Did get pissed off that she didn't allow me to kiss her goodnight. That's the thing about her. One day all's good and the next day I go no idea what's in her head. She never responded to my calls today either. Sometimes I want to give up but she's a fight that I don't want to either. Know what I mean? See, I just like everyone else.

Bar advice. Patience some times may be better. Wait, watch, listen and then try again.

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