Monday, December 4, 2006


You may think constant partying will help your sex life, but excessive drinking and smoking will give your load a nasty after taste. If you do have a few Cocktails, stay away from beer! Have you ever been hung over the morning after raging a keg and felt like the stench of beer was exuding from your pores? Well that happens ALL over your body, including your junk. Instead, try some mixed vodka drinks or even saki. Guinness will definitely do the trick.

I recommend being yourself when trying to meet people or any date for that matter. Unless you're just looking to get laid, pretending to be someone else when you meet someone will just come around to bite you in the ass later. Eventually who you really are will come out and if the other person doesn't like you then you have just wasted your time and theirs by game playing. If someone doesn't like you for who you are, move onto the next person until you meet someone who does. One thing about the ladies of the night is that they have to pretend to be someone all the time because the person that they really are is someone that you won't want to be with.

They're there to make your fantasy come through so don't go looking for love in that place unless you're ready to share her with the rest of the block. A lot of the guys actually try to impress these girls by telling them all sorts of stories about what job they do and that they're so busy all the time with lots of money and business involved. Well, you've just told her how much more she's going to get out of you. The only thing that she's interested in is your cash. The more pretence you add into the conversation to mesmerize her and the less cash you fork out , is going to land you in hot soup. Your name will be on all the girls blacklist and you're going to be black balled by all of them sooner or later. You will probably need to find a new bar to drink in to find another girl that will be with you.

The women of the night can be really nice and all's fair in love and lust but don't screw them in that way. This is a business to them and they negotiate deals everyday. Some are more lucrative while others are less but the thing is that if they like you sometimes might get a freebie. It's hard to come by but it does happen. Trust me I know what I'm talking about. Play by the rules and they'll do likewise. There was a Irish guy that I knew that tried not paying a girl and he ended up almost loosing his balls because a bunch of the guys cut his scrotum as a warning. He bled a little but was alright and he did pay her in the end which he should have done in the first place. Idiot.

Bar advice.Sometimes it's all the better to just sit back. Have a cold drink. Let the girls crammer all over you and leave them alone. You'll see a different you in the mirror the next morning.

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