Sunday, December 10, 2006

Movies and real life

We sometimes feel that we want to have what the movies produce. The beautiful women. Seduction and romance. The chase and finally the link up that's suppose to last forever. Well as movies are only about two hours or so long, real life isn't.

I recently met this gorgeous girl Brenda. She came to the bar one day with colleagues after work. Some of them had been there before but it was her first time. Her eyes are so enchanting. Great smile and lovely long hair. It goes all the way to her ass. After they all left, I thought that I'd never see her again but she did come back with different friends and as we got to talking I got her email address because I wanted to add her into the email list. Well it was more for me personally than anything else but eventually I did email her and got her number. We've been talking almost everyday and she's come over to the bar twice now. We've kissed and when she had too much to drink I got to first base with her. She smells good. Trust me if you think that a women smells good when you hold her you know you really like her.

The thing is that she just got pass a boyfriend and she's not all that eager to get back into one right now. Me on the other hand have been alone for a while now and need a women to be part of my life. Especially when Christmas coming around so soon. It can be the loneliest time in ones life. Anybody would want to be making love than masturbating pointlessly. She's a bit of a character, this girl. Makes me pissed off with her sometimes when we talk. She is straight forward and sometimes too truthful and blunt but that's the unique thing about her. I haven't found anyone like her before.

Too many people are always being what they are not or pretending to live like they are in the movies. Some quote lines just to be able to converse with the other and hope that the reaction will be like the movie they watched. Eventually honesty and sincerity are key to relationships that work. At this moment I don't know where we are going and I hope it gets better between us. One day at a time I guess. Maybe Christmas should be over and reality of the new year will bring us closer a little. I don't know what the heck I'm blabbering about. It's all her fault. She drives me crazy at times but I can't stop thinking about her.One bonus is that we both like the same English Premier League team. Chelsea. Thank goodness we found one thing in common.

Bar advice. Remember opposites sometimes do attract. Get back to you about her in the future. If I don't, well, then there was no future between us.

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