Friday, December 15, 2006

Money never enough

I guess with he holidays coming and the end of the year at hand we all need some extra money. Some hope to strike the lottery. some a big bonus check and some just want to get a job.

We all need money in this world. Who in their right mind can go without it. Not most of the people in the world, except a few that have some sort of vow or religion perhaps. Never the less we all need it, want it and the more the better. Not wanting to sound greedy but more is better than less. In Singapore, and a lot of other countries, living conditions and things are very high. A lot of expats come here for work and they get paid as if they were at home and more so in lots of cases. To them it is much cheaper here and that includes those that find the women of the night. The surrounding Asian countries may be cheaper but if you're working here then you got to make the best of it.

There's a lot of people that are making a truck load of cash on the Internet. There are these Internet gurus that make so much money doing this that they can live anywhere in the world and still make money with their laptops. Doing business by the beach with a Singapore Sling in your hand doesn't sound all that bad. It's not as easy as people say it is but some are rather easy. All it takes is to have a huge list of people to send info about what you got and money starts rolling in. Try the Internet Marketing Advantage to form an online business.

We go to the pubs and have our beer. Maybe a shot of tequila and see hookers propositioning themselves at us but we look across the street and see a suave nightclub with people drinking champagne and women tossing themselves at them because they just got out of a fancy Ferrari. What's their secret? Well they work smarter and with leverage marketing. Affiliates that join in their Internet businesses that increase sales for them. It's better to have a thousand working for you then you doing all the work and getting nowhere right? Lets say you affiliate with friendfinder. Well you just get people that are interested in meeting others in that site and when they pay to sign up you get a percentage of the money. Some people don't know how to go about doing internet marketing. There's help. Cody Moya has a site that will teach you the right ways. Those that don't want to do much reading can get videos with audio that shows you the steps from people like Cody. Get all the info you need for free.

When we go out and have a good time we know that we have to use money. We eat, drink and make merry and it's got to come out of our pocket. We piss all that cash away and we have to work hard to get more. Even if we spent, say, $10.00. We got to earn that back to be able to enjoy ourselves the next time. Well if you were earning a constant amount daily for not lifting a finger that would be better. Wouldn't it? This new site is doing just that. It's called GDI. It will bring you MONEY into your pocket constantly and you don't have to do a thing. If you did get people to join then you will of course make a lot more. This is got to be the easiest and cheapest. Well almost.

Bar advice. Work smarter as well. No ones telling you to give up your day job(not just yet) or beer for that matter but wouldn't it be nice to drink champagne once in a while and not have to worry about the money. Even the next day. I'd rather be having some hookah in Turkey or calamari in Barbados then slog with the boss watching me all the time. Think about it.

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