Friday, December 1, 2006

Hoping for love and just be loved for a day

If you think that it's just the women from all the surrounding countries that come to Singapore, think again. Lot's of expats and tourist come for all sorts of reasons. One being that what they want and seek in their own country is not available. That particular thing is Love.

It comes in many forms. Some for just the night. It could be from a SPG, also know as a Sarong Party Girl, which won't require money. SPG's simply like to party and if you're lucky and they like you then you might get to go home with them by the end of the night but it's always the lady's choice. Irregardless of what it may be, I know so many fellows that just have it though with women in their own country that they are happy to be here anytime.

Once they have been here for a while, it's a transformation or a sort of metamorphosis, to them that they feel worthy. Why? It's because if they were back home, their girls wouldn't even think of giving them the time of day let alone stay the night. I'm not putting all of them down but this a general observation for a lot of people that I know. Mind you there are a heck of a lot of others that have no problem getting women but this story is more so about those that are without.

There was this one guy that I knew. Larry was his name, being out of the UK and a little older man. Around forty at the time, he was very well liked and a really good darts player. We use to call him John Lowe because he looked like him a lot. His is a typical story of things that happen when you come Asia.

Larry worked in the construction industry which was a hard days work week but every weekend he was happy to go to the bars and even the clubs to be with other expats and check out the ladies of the night. He wasn't a stingy person. Respected them and was always kind with them. He got cheated and ripped off by some of them before as well but took it as lessons that we learn in life.

He lived in Singapore for several years and really took a liking to the Thai women the most and longed to work in Thailand one day. Well after several more years here he finally got that chance. He went there then came back after one month . I was shocked to see him and was curious as to why he was back. I thought Thailand was where he wanted to be all this time. He replied that it was just a Visa and work permit issue and he would only be in Singapore for a week then back there again.

He met, drank and partied with friends and even the girls here during that time. Actually before he left Singapore, and gave up his apartment here, he had a farewell party at his place and we were all there so it was like a second party when he was back. Eventually he left after a week and headed of to Thailand. Three months later I was told that he was in Singapore. I was shocked to hear that he had a heart attack or sorts and was sent here to Singapore for treatment. When he was out at one stage I asked him what went wrong. He said there was way too much enjoyment, crazy, fun activities and mostly all night party girls there that he could handle.
He went back to Thailand two days after that but till today I haven't seen or heard anything about him. I hope that he is fine. Maybe he got married. Possibly living a good life. I dread that anything bad may have happen to him. He was a nice guy. Thing is, he finally got the life he wanted. Whether he got the girl, I'll never know.

Bar advice for all. Let him that hopes to find love, be it a life time or a day, be fulfill. Don't do something that is full of regrets for the rest of you life.

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