Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Continued for last

Well. Did you think about it? The bully is about to beat the shit out of you or something humiliating will happen to you. What do you do?

I'll be honest with you. If he ever gives you his face and dares you to hit him, Do so Idiot, He's trying to show off to everyone all around. So give it to him and he won't forget.The longer the bullying goes on the longer it will take to change the situation you're in. Make sure you hit and hit hard till he can't get up that day. There will never be respect for you till you get him down. Here are a few hints for the next time...

Do it quick. Swiftly.
If possible, make sure he's intoxicated.
Fight tooth and nail.
Let him think that you're scared.
If he's got friends, run like mad.
Copy his style, movement and methods. He'll be a lost for words when he's up against himself.
Be aggressive if you have to.
If things can be talked out, make sure that all this won't happen again and please call a witness to ensure it.

Many other ways and methods that apply but I'm not going to list them here. Some stuff are left to the gangsters to 'reveal' to you if you ever get in their face. Whatever dude.

Bar advice. It's simply a insecure person that resorts to violence but bullies are further the food chain so stand your ground and watch them back down.

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