Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Work and play

We all try to work hard but we do need to play hard too. Being in the bar business takes a toll on me physically so sometimes I try to find some niche markets online that can make me cash without working hard to get it.

One that I am on now is at OBM. Work and play are like the same side of a coin but they push and pull at the same time. Guys that I know, be it local or expat, are searching for the same thing. When they're at the bar all is forgotten at the first whiff of a girls perfume. It triggers the animal instinct in them. Doesn't matter if their married or not. Leave a male with some booze in his hand and a few others chatting together and the subject will quickly turn from sports to bird watching.

In Singapore, if you go down to the famous or should I say the infamous Orchard Towers, you will find a great number of 'working women' there that will party with you then part your money from you. All is legal and some not. It's a good laugh as well when you see the 'lady boys' that come from Thailand and even the local ones trying to out do each other for a customer. The whole building is made up of several shopping floors that are filled with about twenty or so bars, pubs, clubs and discos. The nickname of the place, over the years, is the four floors of whores. With new clubs open now it has become five floors.

Most of the girls are from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and you do get some from Mongolia and recently China and Russia. It's like a mini UN (United Nations) there because all the guys, including the locals, are from all over the world as well. Anywhere from the UK to Europe, US, Australia New Zealand and the Africa's.

Any one that wants to find someone from the Asian region to be friends with and not be a prostitute should go to where there's a lot of nice people. Anyway if you do go to the Towers. My suggestion is to bargain. Aside from the staff that work there, everything is on sale. Hopefully you got a hotel room and not let them bring you to theirs. Always be prepared and never go alone. Well if you're horny and can handle yourself then I have to say Singapore is fairly safe. Party on then.

Bar-advice. Last words of wisdom, get condoms and lots of it. These girls really know how to party.

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