Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Unofficial Psychologist or Psychiatrist

I've been working in the bar line for so long now and I've seen and met so many people with all sorts of problems and some that died because of it.

I just started this blog so that it may help others out there. Being in this line you get people telling you all kinds of stuff. Also doing all kinds of stuff. Being in Singapore, yes Singapore, I get to meet so many different people from many countries and of course the locals as well. Many are nice, good, decent but there's a bunch of dead beats and assholes as well. Not forgetting a couple of bitches too.

Currently you can find here writing. I have worked in all sorts of places as well. From hotels to lounges, discos, karaokes, pubs, bars, poolsides, nightclubs and even private party locations. Believe me when I say I've seen, heard and done some wacky things. At the end of the day we are the unofficial psychologist or psychiatrist that dish out all this free advice and serve them their medicating booze at the same time. I decided to write this blog so the stuff that I write about may just help you or give you something to laugh at. It may depress you sometimes but hey it's better to know there's people out there that are in worse shape then you so that in itself should make you smile a little.

May not be able to blog everyday but will do my best. I'll be talking about past stuff and current crap as well. Catch up for more soon....

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