Monday, November 27, 2006

That's the way things are sometimes.

What can we say? People sometimes want to be cool and suave. Guys try to attract that someone special so they try all the tactics they can. Sometimes they work and sometimes we fall flat on our faces.

The magic either works for us when we want to get to know that special girl but if we get the dreaded rejection then the only magic you want to do is a great big disappearing act. One of my customers that came to the bar regularly was a guy from Australia. His name was Dave. He was an expat that had never been out of the country before. In the beginning he look like a lost sheep from the flock but after a couple of years he turned in the wolf in sheep clothing. Here's a little story about this guy in the early stages when he got to Singapore.

He seemed shy and timid in some ways. Normally after work he would come into the place to unwind and get a cold beer. He always came straight up to the bar area because he didn't know to many people and he could talk to me. The unofficial psychiatrist always at hand even if people were having a good day or bad. One day he came in and there were two great looking girls seated at the end of the bar. They were to themselves and we could hear them laughing and giggling. I think it was because I already served them three long island teas each. Somehow or rather Dave decided that he was going to approach them so he told me to get them two more cocktails and fill up another Tiger beer for him. He walks over and starts to chat them up after I sent the drinks over. I was busy serving others then I had a break so I went over to see how things were going with those three.

Dave's job, big money, was doing computer internet marketing and such, so, when I went to talk to them it seemed a bit silent. I knew this guy was loosing it because he just didn't know what the heck to say. He was trying to go on about the IT stuff but the girls didn't have a clue what he was saying. I could see it in their faces. The girls were pissed so maybe that's why they stayed that long. I tried to help him out by throwing in some questions to the girls. A couple of jokes and such but boy this guy Dave was just dying with them. Even when he made a joke it turned out to be like some long winded corporate tax statement being read and when the punch line came the girls didn't get. For that matter neither did I. He was in a situation like a plane going down in flames, one parachute but people were happy to die then hear anything more from this guy.

Towards the end and more drinks were being consumed the one thing happened that I knew was going to happen eventually. Dave had his fill of beer and it was time to go to the toilet for a piss. The moment he was away from the bar counter the girls were signalling for me to come over to them. First thing they said, both at the same time, was to get the bill. I laughed and asked them why they were in such a hurry. Smiling they shook their heads and said that if I of all people didn't know then there was something wrong with me too. I winked at them and just smiled. They knew I knew. Just as they were about to go off Dave got back. I heard one of them calling the lords name.

Dave asked what was happening and the girls said that they had to go home. This was a Saturday night mind you so something else was going on but Dave still tried to pick them up. I guess he had a chat with himself in the loo or something and found some new courage. After a few attempts to get them to go with him to some other place and even inviting them back to his apartment, one of the girls just told him to stop. We're not going anywhere with you ,she said. We're lesbians that were out for a few drinks and we're now going to enjoy each other's company and we don't need a guy. So they walked off after saying a quick goodbye to me.

Dave standing dumbfounded there just stopped talking till I got back to him. He had that look on his face with thoughts racing in his head saying, I never suspected, to himself and then later to me. I felt a little sorry for him but the reason he didn't get it was because they weren't lesbians and it was really the girls who gave him a way out instead of having to be rude and tell him off because they just weren't interested in him or more to the point he wasn't interesting to them. Two weeks later the girls did come back but that day Dave wasn't there so we had a really nice time chatting away and telling jokes and getting pissed with way too much booze.

Bar advice. I'll leave it to your imagination as to how I found out that they weren't lesbians.

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